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Places to Visit: Dal Lake | Jamia Masjid | Pari Mahal | Nigeen Lake | Shalimar Bagh | Mughal Garden | Nishath Bagh | Lal Chowk

Srinagar is honoured to be a part of the Kashmir Valley, popularly known as “Paradise on Earth.” Srinagar is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, as well as the largest city in Kashmir, and is surrounded by towering Himalayas, scenic landscapes, tranquil lakes, and splendid gardens.

The exhilarating shikara rides on Srinagar’s famed lakes transport visitors to another realm. Srinagar, a vibrantly coloured city with a unique culture and popular attractions, will awe you. The city has gained the nickname “Venice of the East” thanks to its abundance of gorgeous and opulent houseboats.

The character of Srinagar, which is located in a valley, varies with each change in the season. Every winter, snow-laden winds blow down the hills, and the lake freezes over, but some of the classic houseboats continue to operate, delivering a wonderful experience.

Srinagar gets quite hot in the summer, with temperatures reaching over 40° C. Srinagar’s ancient city has a distinct personality from the vast boulevards and gardens. There’s a reason why Srinagar is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. If you’re picturing Srinagar’s beauty in your brain, STOP!

The beauty of Srinagar can only be experienced, which is why you should book one of our inexpensive Srinagar Tour Packages By Wheelzonrent – Car Rental Delhi, which is currently on sale and offers a fantastic vacation experience.


Dal Lake – Dal Lake is one of Srinagar’s most recognised emblems, drawing visitors from all over the world to spend a few hours on the lake. The experience of seeing the sunrise and sunset above Dal Lake is both invigorating and awe-inspiring.

Jamia Masjid is one of the country’s holiest Islamic sanctuaries, gracefully towering tall among the precise square garden. Jamia Masjid is genuinely unrivalled in every way and is one of the top sites to visit.

Pari Mahal – Also known as the ‘Palace of the Fairies,’ Pari Mahal is situated on a hilltop with spectacular views of the Dal Lake. Picnics can be held in the garden around the palace, which features silky green grass. The Pari Mahal is one of the top attractions to see in Srinagar and is a must-see.

Nigeen Lake – Nigeen Lake is quieter, calmer, and separated from Dal Lake by a crossway. Cruising on the shikhara in Srinagar is one of the best experiences for Srinagar tourists, with clear skies overhead and the lake enclosed between the mountains.

Shalimar Bagh – Shalimar Bagh is a 31-acre garden steeped in a delightful beauty that draws visitors from all over the world. Shalimar Bagh, designed in the Persian style, was erected on the outskirts of the Dal Lake by Shehenshah Jehangir to satisfy Noorjahan.

Things to do in Srinagar are garden hopping, trying Kashmiri cuisine, trekking at Shankaracharya Hill, paragliding, etc.


There are many tourist destinations to visit and explore, but Srinagar is a place that must only be experienced. Srinagar’s beauty and charm are so appealing that they will stay with you for a lifetime. Srinagar’s features include the vibrant lifestyle of its residents, clean lakes, majestic mountains, distinctive scenery, and a subtropical agreeable temperature.

So, plan Srinagar vacation packages and visit Dal Lake, Nigeen Lake, Mughal Gardens, and other important religious sites. We at Wheelzonrent – Car Rental Delhi offer a wide range of tour packages to our customers, including Kashmir vacation packages.

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