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Luxury Rajasthan Tour Packages

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Places to Visit: Jaipur | Ajmer | Pushkar | Chittorgarh | Udaipur | Jodhpur | Jaisalmer


Rajasthan, sometimes known as “The Land of Maharajas,” is India’s largest state and one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions.

It has a large tourist potential, and its awe-inspiring tourism possibilities in the kinds of culture, customs, temples, architecture, forts and palaces, monuments, wildlife sanctuaries, undulating dunes, and more enchant visitors and vacationers.

Rajasthan is a state that everyone in India wants to visit at least once in their lives since it offers everything a genuine traveller wants to see, including forts, palaces, lakes, temples, deserts, monuments, and animals.

The word “royal” is sufficient to describe the essence of Rajasthan. In every nook, tales of grandeur, sacrifices, and luxurious living may be heard. While Rajasthan’s massive forts and lavish luxury palaces proudly display all of these, the state’s local festivals and folk culture provide a thorough picture of local life. Here’s something to give you an idea of what a lavish life in Rajasthan looks like.

You will have the opportunity to dine in great restaurants, receive relaxing spa treatments, and personal butter, travel in expensive cars, ride on Rajasthan luxury trains, enjoy nightlife in magnificent resort camps, and receive royal treatment at Rajasthan’s famous luxury palace.

Rajasthan has a palace to fit every taste, from cool 18th-century contemporary décor to quirky old-world charm; the state will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to royal choices. Our Luxury Rajasthan Tour Packages give you the best chance to explore Rajasthan in all its splendour.


  • Staying in a luxury camp is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The features of camping in the Thar Desert include a relaxing sunset, vintage lamps, luxurious tents, and a tiny open space with elaborate designs on chairs and rugs. The desert capital of India, Jaisalmer, is the greatest destination for luxury camping since it has a magnificent atmosphere with gold dunes and beautiful sunset views. The top things to do on a luxury Rajasthan tour include camel rides, racing trails, jeep safaris, and after all of that, exquisite melodies of folk musicians, a royal Rajasthani dinner, and a comfortable night in the camp.
  • Udaipur, a lovely and romantic city in Rajasthan, is full of architectural grandeur that gives an atmosphere where one can rekindle love and fall in love with the monuments, history, and fort palaces. One of the nicest things to do on a Luxury Rajasthan Tour is take a relaxing luxury boat ride on Lake Pichola. The boats are well-maintained and offer an hour-long tour that includes sightseeing of the lake’s many palaces and luxury hotels. A boat trip on Lake Pichola exemplifies the opulence of Rajasthan.
  • Traveling across Rajasthan on a luxury train is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A ride on the Rajasthan luxury train will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the state’s several districts. Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthani on Wheels, Maharaja Express, and Deccan Odyssey are four main luxury trains that offer a variety of luxury amenities, gorgeous restaurants and bars, big bedrooms, and everything under one roof. One of the best things to do on a Luxury Rajasthan Tour is to travel through the state in a Rajasthan luxury train. Without these royal trains, Rajasthan is nearly inconceivable in terms of luxury.
  • Stay in luxurious palaces – When the subject of Rajasthan tourism comes up, the image of majestic and luxurious palaces that are genuinely charming comes to mind. You may now spend your nights at opulent palaces in Rajasthan, such as the Taj Lake Palace, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Rambagh Palace, and Shiv Niwas Palace, where you can live like a royal. Staying in one of these classic hotels is one of the most difficult things to do on a Luxury Rajasthan Tour. They are also a superb setting for organising magnificent Indian weddings.
  • Pamper yourself at the Taj Jiva Spa Boat – The Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur is one of Rajasthan’s most popular and luxurious palaces. Jiva Spa is a section of the palace on Lake Pichola, which is located on a boat. It is one of the best locations to unwind and rest because it has a huge relaxation area, comfy suites, a steam bath, and a soaking pool. One of the nicest things to do on a Luxury Rajasthan Tour is to visit Jiva Spa and fall into the lap of luxury.

Enjoying fine dining in prestigious restaurants, indulging in royal sports at Rambagh Gold Club, relaxing in jungle resorts, getting a bird’s eye view in hot-air balloon rides, driving around the streets of top-class cities in vintage cars, and many more are some of the top things to do to experience the luxury life of Rajasthan.


If you’re looking for a lavish vacation in India, we’ve got you covered. Our Rajasthan tour packages are a must-do luxury tour of Rajasthan for those who want to discover the desert state in style.

Wheelzonrent – Car Hire Delhi is a seasoned service provider with a team of incredible professionals who have created the best schedule for a luxurious life in Rajasthan, which includes all of the must-see sights as well as a luxurious palace. The luxury Rajasthan trip package begins its Rajasthan tourism journey in Delhi, India’s historically significant yet modern capital.

You will be transferred back to Delhi after intensive Rajasthan tourism, and your luxury Rajasthan vacation with Wheelzonrent – Luxury Car Rental Delhi will come to an end there. Luxury experiences such as a jeep safari and an elephant safari are included in our Luxury Rajasthan travel package.

Whether you’re on a luxury Rajasthan tour or a cheap Rajasthan tour, most of our programmes provide you with enough time to visit famous shopping sites, buy souvenirs, and enjoy local festivals.

So, what do you have to lose? Book your Luxury Rajasthan tour package with Wheelzonrent – Car Rental In Delhi and get a chance to explore the ‘Land of Maharajas,’ and we will make your trip one of the most memorable events of your life.

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