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Rajasthan’s global desert festival - Car Rental Delhi



Rajasthan’s global desert festival - Car Rental Delhi
Rajasthan’s global desert festival


Every year, the Jaisalmer area celebrates Rajasthan’s global desert festival. The tourism industry service has organized this three-day event in the gorgeous winter climate.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival

As per the Vikram Samvat schedule, it would be lauded during the long stretch of Magh. In the month of Magh, three days before the full moon, the Jaisalmer desert festival begins.

The Rajasthan government’s travel industry department organizes the event and makes local talent available with the goal of expanding the tourism industry.

It is located 42 kilometer’s from the city of Jaisalmer. The three-day event is made even more beautiful by amazing regular views of the Sam Sand Dunes.

Rajasthan’s Thar Desert Festival has a long history.

The entire story around the potential of a Jaisalmer desert festival has a long and storied history. This festival is recommended to honor Lord Krishna’s expectation.

Lord Krishna predicted that a Yadav will rule the Trikuta slope of Jaisalmer, according to many. Rawal Jaisal established his empire on the incline and built a stronghold, and the locals began to celebrate from that moment forward.

This event showcases the best of Rajasthan’s desert, culture, and heritage.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival Events and Activities

The Thar fair is held in a pleasant atmosphere in the state when the tourism industry is at its peak. The following are some of the enjoyable activities that take place during the Thar desert celebration:

Programs for Social Change
Western Rajasthan’s manner of life has progressed in terms of festivity. Several exhibitions by local artists, as well as performances by local artists, are held here to promote local talent and highlight the desert’s unique features.

The fair also has manikin acts and the wildly popular Kalbelia dance. At addition, the Ghoomar competition will be a spectacular event in the desert festival of Jaisalmer.

Bicycle hustling in the hills is also a significant sport at the event. The occasion is made easier by Gair dance and other societal dances, as well as people singing contests.

View of the Sunset
The nightfall view in Jaisalmer is remarkable because you can see the sun set behind the hills. Many visitors come to Jaisalmer for the sand ridges and nighttime views.

Hill Climbing
Rise smashing is another enjoyable activity in the Thar. Jeep safaris are well-known, yet many pick shut automobiles with sand all around them due to ridge slamming.

An authentic tendency is an open-air fire and a tent in the ridges. Thousands of tourists spend the night on the desert, cooking over an open fire.

Safari with camels
You can go on a camel safari in the desert, which will provide you with once-in-a-lifetime insight. This decision has a big global impact on the state’s tourism economy.

Shows with camels
Camel races are well-known at these types of events.

Handloom Products
Local people can help you find the greatest well assembled things. Create slows down, and clothing slows down, giving the Thar desert festival an opulent flavor.

Fashion Shows
At the event, there will be fashion shows as well. In terms of design, the turban tying competition is crucial. The event also includes a moustache competition.

Places to Visit Nearby
Nearby areas that are important in the travel sector include:

  • Kuldhara Village
  • Tasty Food Sonar
  • Fort Gadisar Lake

There are many slows down there for transporting good cuisine to tourists. There are many Rajasthani hot bites that are slowing down.

What Makes the Jaisalmer Desert Festival Unique!
The nearby power continuously makes significant strides to develop the travel business at this time. Numerous Bollywood superstars are expected to attend the event, according to sources.

This global celebration is a great way to learn about Rajasthan’s regal culture.

Since the military assumes a vital part in wellbeing on the boundary close to Jaisalmer, senior authorities of the Indian Air Force guaranteed air fighter drills during the celebration.

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